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We’re a globally recognized technology innovator that transforms training delivery and credential management for workforces that stretch across many employers.

Our Passion

We leverage technology to deploy transformational workforce training solutions. Overhauling outdated and piecemeal approaches to upskilling and credentialing workers employed across many businesses is hard… we fix that.

What We Offer:
An Integrated Skills Management (ISM) platform that offers value to all groups that cooperate in the training & credentialing of workers.
Deep domain expertise and understanding of the specific training delivery challenges our government & industry customers may face.
Delivery of localized, interactive, and easily accessible upskilling/reskilling courseware and micro-credentials.
A platform ecosystem that can securely deliver, issue, validate, share and manage certificates to workers, employers and/or inspectors.

In Bluedrop, we have a true partnership which led to a solution that was delivered on time and on budget, and helped us transform the delivery process for managing and tracking OH&S training for the entire Province.”

Director, Strategy and Integration

Ministry of Labour, Training and Skills Development

A Third Time is
Certainly Charmed!

Bluedrop ISM again named one of Canada’s Top SME Employers!
Our Story

Bluedrop ISM is a technology pioneer with nearly three decades of international experience. We provide training management solutions that help employers and workers threatened by a fast-changing labour market to survive and thrive.

  • Today, close to 3 million worker records are securely stored on SkillPass. And, with their SkillsPass Passport, workers can easily access, renew and share their certifications with employers and regulators.

Bluedrop was founded in 1992 as a Memorial university engineering class project that went wrong. Our CEO Emad Rizkalla was there then, and he still has yet to land his first job. The company has evolved a lot over 30 years. But we have never lost our trailblazer ways.

We are the same company that built the first functional website for the NBA’s Golden State Warriors. We are the ones that built the controls and data storage for a Get Away Special that flew aboard NASA’s Discovery Shuttle. We are the ones who built early bleeding edge e-learning solutions for Microsoft, Cisco, Pfizer, Dell, Exxon-Mobil, Subway and RBC. And, finally, we’re the company which trained women in rural Africa how to market and sell solar panels that generate electricity for remote villages.

Bluedrop ISM is just the latest installment in our story of trailblazing… and our most ambitious. Built around our SkillsPass ISM platform, we unflinchingly chose to tackle workforce challenges that were ignored by our industry.

Over one decade after launch, Skillspass now supports the training and credential management needs of Governments, OH&S insurers, regulators, general contractors, and industry associations around the globe.

We even provide the System of Record for regulatory training delivery and certifications in six Canadian Provinces.

To get a better flavour of who we are and how we got here, check out the podcast on the birth, growth and evolution of Bluedrop below.

  • Now in its 30th year, Bluedrop is a global pioneer in delivering innovative training solutions.
  • Developed its first e-learning solution in 1995 for French pharmaceutical company Schering Plough.
  • Bluedrop ISM is part of the Bluedrop family of training innovation companies. Proudly anchored and headquartered in Atlantic Canada, the group has a workforce stretching from the USA to Europe.
  • With solutions reaching customers and users in over 30 countries… and, on all seven continents.
Reimagine, Deliver, and Safeguard
Your Industry Training with SkillsPass
Enabling industry-wide upskilling for workers in transition.

Providing a rapid response capability to deploy targeted industry-specific training.

Modernizing credential management for OHS and Regulatory training.

Our Flagship Product

A proven cloud-based platform for upskilling and credentialing workforces that stretch across many employers. SkillsPass brings structure to complex training situations that overwhelm a traditional LMS.

Meet Our Leadership Team
“Enjoy the little things in life, for one day you may look back and realize they were the big things.” – Robert Brault
Community Outreach
(True Blue)
“The two most important days in your life are the day you’re born, and the day you find out why ” – Oscar Wilde

Work hard, laugh harder.

“When you lead with what’s possible and how you create value for people, it’s energizing. Being around that kind of energy and inspiration has allowed me to think bigger than I probably ever would have thought.” – Dan Rosensweig

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Eligibility Requirements

  • At vero eos et accusamus et iusto odio dignissimos ducimus qui blanditiis
  • Praesentium voluptatum deleniti atque corrupti quos dolores et quas
  • Molestias excepturi sint occaecati cupiditate non provident, similique
  • Sunt in culpa qui officia deserunt mollitia animi, id est laborum et dolorum fuga.
Community Skills & Economic Empowerment:
Eligibility Requirements
  • Ability to clearly explain the problem you are looking to address 
  • Ability to describe how this support will help you better assist your participants
  • Projects need to be developed, launched and demonstrate results within 12 months
Women in Tech Grants:
Eligibility Requirements

Applications can be received from the following:

  • A woman registered in a recognized technology related program
  • A registered college or university wanting to provide a grant
  •  A registered not-for-profit or charity that supports women in tech programs
  • A tech sector focused community group 
  • Student and organizations need to reside in Canada
Technology Upgrades:
Eligibility Requirements
  • Ability to clearly explain the challenges you are looking to address through a Salesforce implementation 
  • Project needs to be developed, launched and demonstrate results within 12 months

Supporting Refugees and Recent Immigrants :
Eligibility Requirements

  • Applications can be received from the following:

    • A registered not-for-profit or charity that supports refugees and recent immigrants in NL
    • A refugee or recent immigrant with a specific need in NL

Community Events:
Eligibility Requirements (None)

  • Connect with us and send us your information – we’re happy to learn more and explore whether we are a fit.

Giving Bank:
Eligibility Requirements (None)

  • Connect with us and send us your information – we’re happy to learn more and explore whether we are a fit.


A seamless online training ecosystem connection for all stakeholders or partners…

  • Including governments, regulators, industry associations, unions, career centers, training providers, employers and more.
  • These cross-organizational and complex training situations would overwhelm an LMS. SkillsPass fixes that, with a robust suite of NexGen features and functionality including:
    • ONLINE TRAINING HUB– our embedded MarketPlusTM online training marketplace- allowing our clients to go beyond their own training offerings and consolidate external training sources, whether classroom, online, or virtual. 
    • UNIQUE ARCHITECTURE– Industry open architecture solution design that enables third party solution integration and the bringing together of key partners/systems and eliminating the siloed, restrictive nature of the traditional LMS.
    • TRAINING PARTNER INTEGRATION– Training partner enablement through unique storefronts to accept bookings, track attendance, and issue certificates working in concert with each client’s marketplace. APIs are also available for Training Partners with their own software.
    • DIGITAL WORKER PASSPORT– The industry-first SkillsPass Worker Passport, allowing end-users to access and share their validated credentials securely with employers and regulators (via QR code).
    • MULTI-LEVEL REPORTING– Robust reporting and insights at an employer and industry (client) level. Clients can provide a business account for each employer partner to allow them to track valid certificates, assign training, and see the final results and expiry notifications. The platform also generates valuable client insights about training completion at certificate, demographic, partner, industry, and regional levels.

Free Trial!

Simply complete the form below. A SkillsPass team member will contact you with the details for your 90-day free, no-obligation trial of SkillsPass- including setup, activation, feature walk-through, and the various terms and conditions that apply.


Providing end-to-end training delivery and credential management for all training formats…

  • This can include virtual, online, in-person, and blended training. Core capabilities include:
    • Manage learning paths that can include combination of online, virtual and blended offerings
    • Manage prerequisite requirements 
    • Track microcredentials that can be combined to form a master credential
    • Allow clients to build their own online courses and assessments 
    • Provide bookmarking so that learners can complete training in multiple sessions 
  • We have a globally recognized team of Learning Design and Production experts that work with industry SMEs to produce online and blended courseware and microcredentials.  They can take a project from concept to finished product within a few weeks. 
  • Over the years we have also amassed a large library of specialized courseware to address stubborn or urgent skills gaps with almost immediate time-to-launch and value.


With security and support that safeguards our client investments in two key ways:

  1. Battle-Tested Solutions– Having met the highest levels of audit, scrutiny, and testing related to data security, privacy/consent legislation, and web content accessibility guidelines.
    • Our consent-driven architecture supports the latest regulations and best practices in data privacy/consent, security, accessibility. The platform is secure and audit-proof- with SOC 2 Type I Audit Certification, PCI standards compliance, adherence to all SaaS security and privacy requirements, and more.  
    • We are global leaders in this space. Over the past few years, we have been through 500 governmental client Threat Risk Assessments, passed 5 Provincial PIAs, launched with 8 governments and 5 regulators, been approved and deployed by the US state departments to deploy the solution in 30 Countries.  
  2. Full Delivery Support Options– Our experienced Adoption Services Group can help clients realize their objectives after launch. We help ensure that if you build it, they actually will come.
    • Our team has managed client training initiatives that have impacted millions of workers, and support training stakeholders (e.g., training partners and employers) to adopt solutions.
    • Our optional managed services range from supporting client adoption efforts to full outsourcing of the rollout and operation of training initiatives. For some of our clients, we actually operate their entire training solution, including:
      • Full onboarding and training for stakeholder groups (such as training partners or employers) 
      • Generating awareness, engaging with potential partners, performing system demos, signing on partners, etc.
      • Sales and Marketing– we staff account management and sales roles, complete marketing strategies, design and place advertising, and develop promotional materials.
Enhancing Critical Workforce Skills

Bluedrop’s experience and proven eLearning content development capabilities are foundational in supporting our customers’ upskilling & reskilling requirements, and in maximizing the power of the SkillsPass™ Integrated Skills Management Platform.

Whether for broad State/Province upskilling programs, or single use, rapid response training requirements for a specific industry requirement- we can deliver an online solution with proven effectiveness and verifiable training results.


Bluedrop has developed and deployed eLearning training to support large and diverse upskilling and reskilling initiatives of governments and industries around the globe.


Bluedrop has amassed a a vast library of proven and impactful eLearning courses. Specialization includes commercial truck driver training, workplace productivity, entrepreneurship and a host of regulatory inspired courses,


The eLearning content solution combined with our SkillsPass ISM platform to help connect workers, employers, and related stakeholders. We also offer full execution support and program management including marketing, adoption, and customer support specialists that help drive successful uptake and results.

Our Solution – Multi-Stakeholder Benefits

Offers online training, certification, and credential management capabilities to support the transformation of broad-based upskilling/reskilling.

Is industry-agnostic, and is now securely deployed with governments, industry associations and employers around the world, with close to 3 Million users.

Enables the deployment of wide ranging course content options to support skill development including industry mandated, OH&S, and upskilling in those critical in-demand functions required in the new digital economy.

Provides partners with a digital, single line-of-sight into training results, credentials, and certifications at the industry through to the individual level.

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